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Ian Sinclair

In 1979, Ian Sinclair began his training in Taijiquan (Tai Chi), Qigong, and Chinese martial arts. His devotion to these arts has increased over the years, motivated by great teachers and the benefits that these arts offer the people who learn them.

Ian owes the bulk of his understanding to the generous instruction he has received from the world famous Grandmaster, Shouyu Liang. He is also very grateful to years of masterful instruction from Sam Masich, one of North America’s most well known and respected teachers.
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Ian Sinclair and Liang Shouyu

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Ian Sinclair and Sam Masich

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Ian Sinclair and Yang Jwingming

Ian’s training has focused on Taijiquan (Tai Chi) and other Neijia wushu styles such as Xingyiquan and Baguazhang, esoteric qigong, and oriental healing methods.But he has also studied other martial and healing arts of China, Japan, Tibet, Korea, Philippines, India, Africa, South America, Canada, and Europe – taking every opportunity to learn from anyone willing to share. This openness enabled him to learn from many famous teachers.
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Ian Sinclair and Sun Yongtian

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Ian Sinclair and Wu Wenhan

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Chen Zhanglei with Kara & Ian Sinclair

Since the late 1980’s Ian has taught private and group lessons, led seminars, and worked as a consultant and performer for film, TV and stage.

Several of Ian’s students have proven themselves as successful competitors and teachers.
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OBB World Championships

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USA All-Taijiquan Championships

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OBB World Championships

Now living and teaching in Orillia, Ian has dedicated himself to making the world a better place and improving lives by offering quality instruction for body, mind and spirit. He remains committed to promoting taijiquan as a healing exercise, as a martial art, and as a vehicle for personal transformation.
Martial arts instructor, Ian Sinclair, performs a butterfly kick, and appears to be flying above the city of Vancouver.ds

ABOVE: Ian Sinclair attempts to test the theory that all you have to do in order of fly is throw yourself at the ground and miss.

Ian Sinclair's Teachers

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