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Healing Exercise and Martial Arts
• Tai chi • Qigong • Kungfu • Practical Self defence

  • Weekly group lessons
  • Private lessons (for individuals or small groups)
  • Full-time intensive training (for individuals or small groups)
    • custom programs of any duration from a day to a month, or longer.

Introductory classes

Short term programs for people with little or no experience, or those seeking a brief refresher of the basics.

Introduction to Tai chi for Mind and Body

Tuesdays 7:15 p.m.
September 24 to November 8
(8 lessons)
$ 120.00

This brief but comprehensive course includes basic postures, stretches, and movements that make up a simple routine that can be practised in a small space requiring no equipment.

  • Discover why tai chi is so revered as a health nourishing exercise for mind and body.
  • Learn the core principles of physical and mental alignment
  • Learn a simple 10-part exercise that you can take anywhere
  • Discover how tai chi can transform everything that you do.
  • Strengthen the legs, improve balance and posture, loosen and empower the core muscles and back, improve breathing,
  • relax the body,
  • calm the mind.

Introduction to Qigong

Wednesdays 7:15 p.m.
September 25 to November 9
(8 lessons)
$ 120.00

Qigong (Say "Chee Gong")

Qigong is a word that has come to refer to a number of different types of yoga-like exercise systems in China. These approaches to mental and physical health have ancient roots going back thousands of years. They are used for recreation, fitness, relaxation, preventative medicine, healing, self-cultivation, meditation, athletic performance and martial arts training.

This program will introduce some general therapeutic exercises, involving breath, posture, movement, visualization, and deep relaxation.

Ongoing classes

Long-term programs employing phased curricula which allow students to join anytime, permit students to progress at their own rate, and which do not require perfect attendance.
Ongoing classes
These classes are offered throughout the year with the exception of holidays and special events.
Tai chi Core
  • a unique comprehensive curriculum focused on balance, health, flexibility, internal power, a calm mind, and a relaxed body.
  • suitable for students of all ages and fitness levels.
  • traditional tai chi, but not restricted by style.
  • emphasis on clear rational scientific understanding of the goals and principles of the art.
  • every effort is made to avoid the traps of archaic and irrelevant terminology.
  • this program is focused on cultivating the mind and body.
  • designed to provide an excellent foundation for martial artist and other athletes.
  • not a martial

Tai chi Tuishou
  • is a two-person exercise that teaches empathy, control, and the ability to regulate your own power and that of a potential enemy. This is the exercise which is responsible for making tai chi famous as a martial art.
  • offers many physical and psychological benefits, helping students to overcome fear, and to develop a deeper understanding of the relationships between though, emotion, posture, and personal power
  • is a safe and cooperative method for learning to maintain physical and mental balance in the face of conflict.
  • an essential exercise for experienced martial artists of any style,
  • a powerful tool for developing profoundly effective mid-range skills,
  • tuishou can give you a considerable advantage against opponents who are not trained in this manner.

Martial Arts Core
All martial arts share common elements, regardless of the style. This program draws on the universal elements of martial arts from around the world, with a particular focus on the "internal" martial arts of China.

Tai chi Core

• ongoing,
• all levels

Saturday 9 - 10 a.m.

Tai chi Tuishou

• ongoing
• all levels

Saturday 10 - 11 a.m.

Martial Arts Core

• ongoing
• all levels

Saturday 11 - Noon

1 session per week:
195 / 3 months
650 / year

2 sessions per week:
285 / 3 months
950 / year

3 sessions per week:
375 / 3 months
1250 / year

4 sessions per week:
450 / 3 months
1500 / year

5 or more per week:
675 / 3 months
2250 / year
Drop-in: $25 per session.
Private Lessons

Fencing Swordplay
Based on Tai chi and wushu sword, with influences from European and other weapon systems from around the world.

Tai chi Sword
• ongoing,
• all levels

6 months
$ 550

Advanced training
These classes are offered at various times throughout the year by appointment only.

Tai chi tuishou
for martial artists of all styles.

• class size is limited
• minimum blue belt or equivalent

Saturdays or Sundays
1 a.m. - 6 p.m.

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