Sinclair Martial Arts - Orillia

Remember: Not every school is right for every student, and not every student is right for every school. We reserve the right to refuse instruction to any person.
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Group Sessions

These are regular ongoing programs which allow students to join at any time. Students who miss a few classes will not generally affect the rest of the class, and will find it easy to resume.

Create your own group

If you have a group of people who can agree on an available time slot, you can split the cost of private lessons. As many as 10 people can be accommodated in a class.

House calls

The instructor can come to you, anywhere in Canada, or overseas.

Full-time and Part-time intensive training

Students come from around the World to train for various lengths of time. Some come for a day, a week, or a month. Some move here temporarily to train full-time or part-time.
The instructor will, on occasion, travel to Toronto to work with air travellers who are on a brief stopover.


Regular group lessons:

Typical group lesson rates vary from $55 per month to $165 per month depending on the number of classes and payment options. Or, you can create your own group lesson by splitting the cost of a private lesson amongst up to 10 friends.
Private lessons:

Private lesson rates vary from $ 45.00 per hour to $ 95.00 per hour depending on frequency, regularity, and payment options.
House Calls and Seminars

The instructor may be able to come to you, whether you are in Orillia, elsewhere in Canada, or overseas. There is a base rate per hour or per day, plus travel and accommodation expenses.
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