Sinclair Martial Arts - Orillia


The complete program offered here is vast and deep. 35 years of continuous development has resulted in a variety of curricula which can be adapted to suit almost any student.

Experience and expedience have lead to a foundation curriculum which can accommodate most students, and a comprehensive curriculum for those who which to explore and challenge the depth and breadth of the art, and themselves.

Significant life-altering achievments can be made is just a few weeks. (We recommend a minimum of 3 months.) A dedicated part-time student who practices at home can achieve a “black belt” in 3-10 years, depending on previous experience and innate ability. The complete curriculum as it currently stands can take 10 to 30 years to complete. Meanwhile, the teacher is constantly striving to improve and expand his knowledge and skill.

Teachers never teach all they know, simply because they are always improving and students will never catch up. What the teacher can do, however, is teach the student to break trail, and to forge his or her own path.

Tai Chi
  • Basic "Tai chi for health."
  • Easy tai chi
  • Comprehensive tai chi

Martial Arts
  • Taijiquan (Tai chi)
  • Xingyiquan
  • Baguazhang
  • Yiquan
  • Wuji Xiaoyao
  • Ti, Da, Shuai, Na,
  • Conditioning,
  • Tuishou,
  • Sanshou,
  • sword, sabre, spear, fan, deer hook, more..

Qigong / Neigong
  • medical
  • daoist
  • buddhist
  • martial
  • healing.

Self Defence Training:
  • Short-term and long-term programs for individuals and small groups
  • 4 hour seminar
  • 8 hour seminar (2-4 days)
  • 12-hour seminar (4 days)
  • 12-week course (2 hours, once per week)