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Becoming a martial artist is to violence what becoming a doctor is to illness.
Ian Sinclair
taiji, xingyi, bagua, yiquan, shuaijiao, qinna, sanshou, swordplay…

Martial Art

The term "martial art" can encompass a range of disciplines and can apply to the entire range of human experience.

In a limited sense, it is about dealing with the threat posed by an attacker. But in a practical sense, martial art applies to every relationship that person can have, with society, with the environment, with life, and with the self. It is the study of the relationships between the mental, physical, and emotional. It is about navigating the conflicts with the body, and with the world.

Watching a martial sport, one might think that martial arts are violent. The truth is that martial arts are about tranquility. 

To say that martial arts are about violence is like saying that the practice of medicine is about illness. Doctors study illness in order to prevent or cure it. Martial artists study conflict in order to maintain peace and harmony.

A traditional martial art is the study and practice of internal and external harmony, seeking: peace of mind, harmonious living, conflict resolution, mitigating the effects of trauma, improved health, emotional and physical balance, compassion, empathy, and self awareness.

Elements of martial Arts training:
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Conflict resolution
  • Body mechanics
  • Artistic expression
  • History
  • Conditioning
  • Basic movements
  • Choreography
  • Agility
  • Power
  • Technique
  • Method
  • Root
  • Gongfu
  • Esoterica
Masters do not become great by practising a style, or by purchasing knowledge, or by self-promotion. Instead, they practise an art, develop a pedagogy, and transcend their egos. Many modern schools market "a style" to students who want paint-by-numbers instruction, simplistic knowledge, and self-validation. The best teachers I know are those who seek to liberate their students from the restrictions of style, from the limits of knowledge, and from delusions of self.
- Ian Sinclair
This video demonstrates less about my martial technique and more about the character of the school that helped me with the demonstration. Special thanks to Lanna MMA.
This next video is of a shuaijiao (throwing) demonstration by GM Liang Shouyu (white) and Ian Sinclair (blue).

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