Peace is Power


Self Defence for girls (and their Moms)

Who may attend?
  • Girls and women age 12+
  • January 3 and 4, 2018 ~ Noon - 4 p.m.
  • Sinclair Martial Arts, 25 Mississaga St. E, Orillia,
  • $125

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Self Defence is NOT about learning to be violent, just as the practice of medicine is NOT about learning to be sick. Self defence is about cultivating and protecting healthy relationships. It does not begin and end with the mere execution of a physical technique, but continues throughout daily life in the cultivation and maintenance of physical, mental, emotional, and social harmony.

In every situation in life, self defence training teaches us the importance of:

  • a clear definition of victory
  • understanding context and nuance
  • adaptability to terrain and changing situations
  • virtue (wisdom, authenticity, kindness, courage, and compassion)
  • the execution of a disciplined method and technique.

This workshop offers an entertaining yet comprehensive introduction to practical self defence, including:

  • techniques and tactics for overcoming bigger and stronger opponents
  • methods for making those techniques work
  • mental and physical exercises for perfecting those methods
  • philosophical and mental exercises for self-empowerment

The instructor:
Ian Sinclair is a martial arts teacher with nearly 40 years experience. His school in Orillia draws students from around the world.

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