Orillia, and Worldwide

A new schedule will be posted within the next week.

Private lessons will continue over the summer as usual.

Tai Chi:
A profound, effective, adaptable, fitness for mind, body, and spirit.
Adaptable for all ages and fitness levels. Not just about old people sneaking up on trees.
Useful for elite athletic performance and for rehabilitation.

Martial Arts
Ancient martial arts made famous in the Chinese Imperial palace.
Taijiquan (Tai Chi), Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, Shuaijiao, Qinna, and more…

Self Defence
Training for men, women, kids, civilians, police and military. Personalized one-on-one training, including proven methods for using suppleness and subtlety to overcome brute force.

Qigong / Neigong
Cultivation of breath, muscle, bones, fascia, mind, and vitality. Specific exercises designed for different conditions.

Private lessons:
Custom programs and schedules that suit your abilities, goals, and availability. Click here to schedule a private lesson.

Group Sessions:
that do not require perfect attendance, or perfect memorization.You don't have to worry about missing a class or two, and if you can't remember the last lesson, you will still be able to follow the class. It's a class, and an adaptable workout. It is not a test.

Full-time training options:
Short-term or long-term intensive programs are an option for serious students and instructor training.
This is a popular choice for students visiting from overseas.

Seminars and Workshop:
Seminars are offered in Orillia, and around the World. Join the mailing list if you would like to be notified about upcoming events.

Online Lessons
(via Skype, Google, FaceTime, etc)
Click here to schedule an online lesson.