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Martial Arts

  • ongoing weekly lessons for local students.
  • private lessons
  • full-time and part-time training available for students of all levels. 1-day, 2-days, weekends, week-long, and month-long sessions available year round.
  • instructor certification.
  • online lessons
  • seminars

Tai chi in Orillia

Why do people come from around the World to learn tai chi in Orillia?

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Now students can learn in the comfort of their home or hotel, almost anywhere in the world. You will need a webcam, and either a Skype, Google, or FaceTime account.
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PRIVATE LESSONS at the Orillia Studio

If you can come to the Orillia studio, you can book sessions for just yourself, or for you and a group of friends.

Rates depend on length, frequency, and flexibility.


Students from around the World travel great distances to learn in Orillia. However, it is possible to have the instructor come to you.

Rates depend on travel time.
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Attend regular group Lessons

Use the contact page to ask about ongoing group lessons.

Host a seminar in your city

Use the contact page to ask about hosting a seminar where you live.