Sinclair Martial Arts

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Tai chi for health and fitness.

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Progressive, internal martial arts

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Practical self defence training

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"…gentleness is to be expected only from the strong." - Leo Rosten

Private lessons and Seminars.

Regular Weekly Classes

Full-Time Intensive Training

  • Tai chi
  • Tuishou
  • Martial Applications
  • Self Defence
  • Qigong / Neigong
  • Meditation and relaxation

Physical & mental foundation

A basic tai chi program for health, fitness, and peace of mind.
• easy-to-follow
• gentle movement
• improves alignment
• stretching
• relaxing
• balancing
• strengthening
• breathing
• flowing
• exercise for body, mind and spirit
Martial Method and strategy

Tuishou (pushing hands) is a sophisticated training system that teaches subtle and profound methods for overcoming more powerful opponents.

It is a fun way to develop profound and subtle martial skills. Tuishou is designed to be practised safely and cooperatively, although there is a competitive version that is part of some martial arts tournaments.
Martial technique and tactics

Learn to apply the core training and methodology to martial applications, including:

• defence and evasion
• strikes
• kicks,
• throws
• joint control,
• pressure points
• weaponry
• tactics
"Mastery is not about practising a style, or purchasing knowledge, or self-aggrandisement. It is about practising an art, developing a pedagogy, and transcending the ego.
Teaching mastery is not about marketing "a style" to students who want paint-by-numbers instruction, simplistic knowledge, and self-validation. The best teachers I know are those who seek to liberate their students from the restrictions of style, from the limits of knowledge, and from delusions of self."

- Ian Sinclair


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While students from around the world like to travel to Orillia to train, I also likes to travel. So, if you are interested in hosting a seminar where you are, it may be possible to have me come to you.

Use the contact page to request details.
Request a Seminar or Workshop

Are you or your group able to travel to Orillia? We can organize an event here for you.
Host a Seminar or Workshop

Have the instructor come to you. The current base rate for the instructor's time is $600 per day plus travel and accommodation expenses. Rates may vary depending on the time of year, number of participants, and amount of advanced notice.


You can learn in the comfort of your home or hotel, almost anywhere in the world. You will need a computer or video phone with a webcam, and either a Skype, Google, or FaceTime account. Use the contact page to request more information about online lessons or…
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Tai chi Videos

Beginning in July 2019, we will be posting instructional and reference videos on this site. Local and international students will be able to log in to watch the latest lessons, and view insights from recorded classes.

Stay tuned.

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