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Tai chi: The healing exercise and the martial art.
Qigong / Neidan : medical, healing, meditation, and martial
Comprehensive Martial arts specializing in Chinese "Internal Styles" (taiji, xingyi, bagua, yiquan, shuaijiao, qinna, sanshou, swordplay…)
Self defence

Personal training: Customized programs designed to suit individual goals, abilities and experience levels.
Seminars in Orillia and around the world.

"The best teachers I know are those who seek to liberate their students from the restrictions of style, from their limited perspective, and from self-delusion." - Ian Sinclair
"…gentleness is to be expected only from the strong." - Leo Rosten

Introductory classes

Short term programs for people with little or no experience, or those seeking a brief refresher of the basics.
Offered when requested by individuals or groups.

  • Introduction to Tai chi for Mind and Body
  • Introduction to Qigong (health, healing and self-empowerment)
  • Introduction to Internal martial arts
  • Introduction to self defence (principles, methods, techniques, strategy and tactics.)

Ongoing classes

These classes are offered throughout the year with the exception of holidays and special events.

  • Tai chi Core (Tai chi fundamentals for students of all levels)
  • Tai chi Tuishou (Partner exercises for martial artists)
  • Martial Arts Core (Martial art fundamentals for students of all levels)

Special Programs

  • Advanced tuishou for martial artists of all styles
    (By invitation only. For martial artists with blue belt or higher, (or equivalent experience.)

  • Swordplay
    Based on Tai chi and Chinese swordplay, with influences from European and other weapon systems from around the world.

Private Lessons

Full-time intensive training.

Students come from around the world to train for days or weeks at a time.
6-8 hours per day.

Children's classes

I specializes in teaching adults and the occasional teenager. I seldom teach students younger than 12 or 13. But extraordinary exceptions have been made for students as young as 6.

Private lessons for children are offered under special circumstances, taking into consideration the need, ability, enthusiasm, character, dedication and work ethic of the student.

Children, like all students, are assessed on an individual basis. Not every teacher is right for every student, and not ever student is right for every school. Adult classes are not suited for the typical child. So, private lessons are the only option for children.

- Ian Sinclair

Classes for Teens

Special classes for teens are offered on occasion, for eligible students. Programs can be designed for individuals or small groups.

Students age 15 and up may attend regular programs.

"Mastery is not about practising a style, or purchasing knowledge, or self-aggrandisement. It is about practising an art, developing a pedagogy, and transcending the ego.

Teaching mastery is not about marketing "a style" to students who want paint-by-numbers instruction, simplistic knowledge, and self-validation. The best teachers I know are those who seek to liberate their students from the restrictions of style, from the limits of knowledge, and from delusions of self."

- Ian Sinclair

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